Being a girl who had probably had about 3 beers in her whole life, Oktoberfest was a bit of a daunting thought. I wasn't sure if I could even drink a few gulps of beer never mind handle a whole day of it.  However, we had been invited for our friends birthday and who's going to say no to a weekend away in Germany full of drinking and pretzels? Not me! So off we trotted to Munich...

We had been advised by our German friends to buy the traditional Bavarian outfit for the festival. We thought they were taking the piss out of us so that we would turn up looking like idiots but they were actually speaking the truth. The majority of people there were wearing either dirndls (for girls) and lederhosen (for boys). So first thing was first when we arrived in Germany and that was to find our outfits. 

The next day we got up mega early (6am - spew) and got ready for a day full of drinking. By 8am we were leaving the hotel in our get up and heading to Oktoberfest, with a bottle of champagne in hand - obviously. We soon realised pre-drinking was not neccessary once we got into the tent though...

The beers were freakin' HUGE - a litre each and sooo heavy. We were all pretty much gone by about 10am. The atmosphere in the tent was amazing though and watching people getting up on the table and downing their beers was pretty entertaining. So many girls got up and managed to do it too which was mental. In between tent-hopping we walked around the festival and soaked up the sunshine. I bought myself a gingerbread love heart which traditionally your boyfriend/girlfriend is meant to buy for you but I love them and I love me so whateva, minga. You're also meant to keep them and hang them up but I ate it, obv. Food belongs in the belly not on the wall. 

Anyway, after a long day of drinking in the sun (it's a hard life) we decided to call it a night and head home.

The next day our friends headed back to Nuremberg but Grace and I's flight wasn't until the next morning so we had the day to explore Munich. With the worlds worst 3G signal and no idea how to read a map we just decided to wander. Luckily we were in the city centre (I think...) so there was lots to see and do, even on a Sunday. Although I have absolutely no idea what any of these places were called so, sorry.

We ended our day with a traditional German dish of käsespätzle which is pretty much just mac 'n' cheese but it was sooo yummy nonetheless. After that we headed to the airport for a sleepover cos dayum were hotels expensive over the Oktoberfest period! 

This was my first time ever visiting Germany and I totally fell in love. Definitely one of my favourite countries now! So beautiful and also so cheap which is always good. We are thinking of visiting Hamburg in December and going to the Christmas markets - have any of you been?

Let me know if you've ever been to Oktoberfest and what you thought of it! Apologies for the picture heavy post, let me know if you like these types of posts or if you think I should stick to my usual fashion posts - all thoughts are welcome! :)

Much love. H x



I know in my last post I said I couldn't buy too much stuff while I was over here in Denmark due to only having one suitcase but... well, ASOS. I just can't resist. Plus the fact they offer free international delivery when you spend over a certain amount... it was just calling my name, ok?!

It's getting a bit chillier over here and I've heard winters here are literal death. Can't wait to cycle to uni everyday (cry). I'm really smart and never brought over a winter coat so obviously I had to buy this oversized car coat by Weekday and scarf/picnic blanket. Everything else was just some new wardrobe staples that I couldn't resist. When I saw this bag my eyes fell out of my head and I had to scoop them back in - this is definitely true love. I've been travelling quite a lot recently and really need a good sized bag for hand luggage that would still look fabulous and this is perrrrfect. 

I wasn't sure whether to include these but I thought I would just incase some of you unfortunate souls out there didn't know about these. I'm talking about pop socks. No, not the tight-sock things that your granny wears. These are like socks, but cut in half. Perfect for when you're wearing shoes that you don't want to wear socks with but you need to because you don't want them getting stanky. Ain't nobody want stanky shoes. 

I'm so overly excited to get all of this in the post, if only international delivery didn't take so long...

H x