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Testing... testing... is anybody out there? Hello? Hi, let me introduce myself. I'm Heather and I used to run this blog on a regular basis but in the past few months (ok, 6 months) I kind of dropped off the radar and neglected this here blog. I want to say sorry blog, and sorry all my lovely blog readers. I know I said I was back, but then life kind of got in the way. Here's a bit of what I've been up to...

Still buying too many clothes. 2 notes: 1. Do not buy these ASOS shoes - I had two pairs and they both broke within weeks. 2. Yes that is a bath of ice I'm sitting in, this was my leaving party in my flat - ice bath = best idea ever. 

Eating alllll the food. My friend Christina and I went to London and visited MEATliqour and The Breakfast Club and ooooh my god were they worth the hype. We queued about half an hour for those pancakes but dayyyum were they worth the wait. We also went to the Magnum bar in Selfridges, I had an amazing hotdog from Vodka Rev in Aberdeen and I made the best banana and chocolate loaf EVUR. Heated up with PB&J... just call me Nigella. 

Travelling. In the past few months I've been to London, Paris, Malta and Denmark. It's been so amazing visiting all of these new places (if not a bit stressful - who knew you needed your passport for the Eurostar?! lol...) and seeing more of the world. I've well and truly caught the travel bug now and in the next few weeks am planning to visit Munich, Oslo, Stockholm, Malmรถ and Copenhagen.

Moving country. Last but not least, over a month ago I made the big move from Scotland to Denmark for 6 months as part of the Erasmus exchange program. So far it's been full of danish pastries, bike disasters and parties... roll on the next few months!

Amongst all of that, after my exams at uni, I ended up working 2 jobs over the summer and so was working 7 days a week most of the time. Hence the lack of blogging! As much as I've missed it, it was good to take a proper break and really be able to think about my blog and the direction I want it to go in. 

Moving to Denmark, I was only allowed to bring one suitcase with me, meaning I had to leave a ton of my clothes at home. *sobs* That means I can only take one suitcase home too, and so buying a lot of clothes over here isn't really an option. I also don't have my tripod with me so it's not as easy to take outfit pictures whenever I want. Thereforeeee, I'm going to be taking this blog on a more lifestyle kinda route. Of course I'll still include fashion and if I'm wearing anything particularly interesting then I'll persuade someone to take some pictures! I'm going to be travelling a lot though and so hopefully you guys will be interested in the places I go and the things I see! Once I'm home, the fashion posts will become much more regular, but I'm excited to start introducing new things. 

Here's to new beginnings, I hope you will stay along for the ride...

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